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Kontrol S2 Preparation Mode Midi Mode

Description and Instructions


This mapping is an alternative to Ean's Preparation Mode for version
This one is in MIDI MODE, I use it on the fly when people ask me to play songs on  usb key or Cd.

You can active mide mode by pressing shift + shift if you check the box in the S2 Traktor Pro Serttings.

Work for Deck A & B only.

Monitor Cue Button active Grid Zoom + and Grid Move with Jog Touch and Jog Encoder. When you turn Monitor Cue off by pressing Jog Touch you'll be able to Zoom - on your Grid.
FX Unit 1 & 2 Button Set and Delete Grid Marker.
Hotcue 1 is Previous Hotcue.
Loop Size and Beatjump work,(( sometimes I have problem in Midi Mode so I switch in Native mode to use Beat Jump.))

Have Fun.

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