Kontrol F1 - Instant Gratification Mapping

Description and Instructions

Hi, I remaped F1 layout for using Ean Golden's Instant Gratification (originaly made for MidiFighter). 

It's made for 2 decks (A & B), switching by"SHIFT" button. Selected deck is indicated by red-lighting pad on top row (left for Deck A and right for Deck B).

All you have to do is download, un-rar, import midi layout via NI Controller editor and import both mapping files to Traktor.

For me, everything works fine. If you found some problem, write me for correction. For now, all other pads, nobs and faders has no function yet.

(Sorry for my english - I'm not a native speaker :))) )
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.0
WoMec about 4 years ago
Sorry, I Don't have F1 anymore. so i can't update mapping ... :(
yascepeda almost 4 years ago

Can you explain how you map each effect, i would like to add just some in my x1 , f1 or my midi fighter, but not all because i dont have space. thank you awesome work!!

Dumbeats about 4 years ago
can you update the mapping please? it's not working
brandon over 4 years ago
needs fixed won't work on 2.6.4
deepluckyperson almost 5 years ago
Hi! Help me plz! I've done all instructions, and tried other mappings,but there is one problem, I cant see in TRAKTOR's control manger MIDI In port and out port from my F1, only n/a or none(( Why? Thx for answering
flip almost 5 years ago
please upload installation instructions can get it loaded but not working in 2.6.3