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TP/TSP 2 "XoneEx" Configuration (v2.6.1.0)

Description and Instructions

Updated for Traktor 2.6.1 as of 4.5.2013

THIS IS NOT THE MOST RECENT VERSION of the mapping. Please see:


BIBLE COMP WINNER 4-band EQ (or 3-band), up to 4 Remix Decks (or other flavors), 2 or 4 FX. Intended for use with an S4 controller and extended keyboard. Designed to ease your performances and help prevent mistakes. Tested, comprehensive, and easier to remember. Visual Mapping Guides are included - fully documented.

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Comments for v2.6.0
SoyOllin over 6 years ago
Is the use of the keyboard necessary in order to use this mapping well?
Dan Dunkle about 6 years ago

Hi Soyollin: There is a lot of duplication between the keyboard and S4, so you could do pretty well never touching the keys. A few things are handy, such as quick access to different playlist favorites, which I didn't map for the S4. I myself don't usually use the keyboard much, unless I don't have the S4 hooked up, such as for a quick prep session. Cheers, Meta