204 Underground's LPD8 Remix Deck Mapping

Description and Instructions

Hello everyone here is my LPD8 mapping for the remix decks in Traktor 2.6

When installing the mapping make sure to first install the included "LPD8 Editor Preset 1" in the LPD8 editor software onto program 1 on the controler, then install the mapping into Traktor. After you install the mapping into Traktor make sure that program 1 is selected on the controler.

The mapping gives you control of the top four sample slots in remix decks c and d and can be used either as a sampler for one shot drums like in previous versions of Traktor or as a remix deck controller for playing back loops. 

i configured the layout of the mapping so it can be used next to an S2 so thats why the pads are setup like they are (see picture) but you can easily remap them how ever you would like by using the learn feature in the mapping editor

How to remap the mapping! 
  1. Select the maping
  2. Select "Slot Capture/ Trigger/ Mute" 
  3. Then select "Learn" and press the button you what to map to
  4. Select "Slot Play Mode" 
  5. Then select "Learn" and press the same button you just maped
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 for the other buttons  

If you want to use the mapping to trigger one-shot drums and samples just make sure that the sample trigger type is set to gate and the sync is turned off for that remix deck slot.

feel free to let me know if you have any questions or have ideas for this mapping, thanks - 204 Underground

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Comments for v0.1.0
mcpothead over 5 years ago
This is exactly what I was looking for will test tonight ! :)
mcpothead over 5 years ago

Forgot to say what mapping you use on your S2?

Winter Alliance over 5 years ago

Glad you like the mapping!...I use the "BeauBryte DJTT Kontrol S2" maping, it's incredible BeauBryte maped every feature you could want.

Al3x360 about 5 years ago

it does not work at all ! i cant trigger my samples, it says in red he cant copy samples from empty loop recorder !!!!!!!