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DirtyDeluxe Dicer for Traktor 2.6 (with Flux Mode)

Description and Instructions

Designed primarily for turntablists using Traktor 2.6 on 2 decks
I created this for my own needs, hope you like too.

The following functions are specific to each left (Deck A) and right (Deck B) Dicer units

MODE 1 - Hotcues
Buttons 1 - 5: Set/Trigger cue points (with LED on/off)

MODE 1 SHIFT LAYER - Delete Hotcues
Shift + button 1 - 5: Delete each set hotcue

MODE 2 - Flux and Loops
1 - Rewind the track (sets seek position to zero, only when deck is NOT playing. Useful for easy cueing in timecode relative mode)
2 - Toggle Flux Mode on/off (with LED on/off)
3 - Activate loop (with LED on/off)
4 - Decrease loop size
5 - Increase loops size
NB: When Flux Mode is on, the loop is only active when the loop button held down)

MODE 2 SHIFT LAYER - Not used / user assignable

MODE 3 - Effects
1 - Delay freeze (hold button to activate effect, release to turn off)
NB: Activates Delay with Freeze as a Single effect in FX bank 1 and also activates FX bank 1 for the appropriate deck. It will use whatever parameters you previously set for this effect, suggest storing your preffered parameters as a snapshot for instant access with this button)
2 - Toggle FX bank mode type (left Dicer: FX unit 1, right dicer: FX unit 2)
3 - FX slot 1 on/off 
4 - FX slot 2 on/off
5 - FX slot 3 on/off
(for Buttons 3 - 5: left Dicer does FX bank 1, right Dicer does FX bank 2 and only work when the bank mode is Group (use button 2 to toggle this). You will need to manually assign the each deck to an FX bank for buttons 3 - 5 to trigger the effects) 

MODE 3 SHIFT LAYER - Not used / user assignable


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Comments for v1.0.0
Craig McCollum almost 4 years ago
Thank you! As a die hard DIY-er, I had started to map my Dicers, and I put way to much thought into it. A lot of the time, simpler is better. Plus I didn't