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Pioneer XDJ-RR mapping for DJay Pro 2

Description and Instructions

Made a first cut at mapping the XDJ-RR to Djay Pro 2.

Seems to work fairly well, no lighting feedback, unfortunately :mellow:

Mapping notes

Library selection
  • Can't make the 'select' work for choosing a track and cycling between pages so I mapped it to preview track instead
  • 'Back' mapped
  • Haven't used the 'tag track' button
  • Load deck 1 / deck 2 mapped
  • Browse, Tag list, Info, Menu not recognised

  • In and Out and Reloop all work
  • 1/2 Loop and 2x loop both work
  • Adjust doesn't
  • Delete/Memory not mapped

  • All primary controls mapped

  • Jog dials mapped, played around with the parameters but they still don't feel quite right
  • Vinyl mode mapped to Toggle seek mode. Useful for seeking through tracks fast
  • Set cue point 1-4 mapped
  • Remove cue points 1-4 mapped
  • Hot cue and beat jumps not mapped
  • Sync and master both mapped
  • Used Master tempo mapped to Key lock
  • Tempo Range not mapped. I couldn't find an Action for this in DJay Pro 2 - does it exist?
  • Shift isn't recognised in DJay Pro 2. You can assign a shift to something else (e.g. the quantize button) and then open up a whole range of other functions

  • Filter mapped
  • No other effects are mapped

  • No mic mapping

Make sure you have the controller in MIDI mode to interact with the computer.

Enjoy :D
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