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Numark Party Mix djay Pro Mapping

Description and Instructions

Numark Party Mix djay Pro (2) Mapping

All the basic controls are mapped, the difference between the controller and the mappings are:
  • Gain knob = Filter
  • Pads 1-4 = Cues 1-4
  • Pad mode = Autoloop 8/16/32/Off
Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out if there was a way to use the Pad Mode as intended on the controller, and since it has 4 LED modes, the only solution that would make sense was the auto loop.
Sync, Cue and Play buttons have a MIDI out, thus light up when needed. So does the scratch button. For some reason, the Cue (Monitor) button lights up by itself, so it's a little weird and you have to press it twice to on/off.

Browse press is set to Shift, which doubles the possible amount of functions, but I didn't set the doubles yet, I might do that later and update the mapping.
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