VCI-400 SNACKS Map v1.0.2 by dotsync

Description and Instructions

** 1.0.2 Update:
- Fixed Preview Seek bug
- Added Beat Phase feedback to Play buttons
- S+Load unloads deck
*Thank you birdie12888 for bug testing!

A straight-forward map with 4 deck control, 4 fx, 8 hotcues, Flux mode, and Remix decks. Based on Hetchbend S4-like mapping. 

To install, import the VCI-400-SNACKS tsi using the Controller Manager, and if you'd like to use my customized GUI and FX settings, import the GUI file using the dark gray "Import" button at the bottom of the Settings window. **Make sure to delete any other VCI-400 mappings from the Controller Manager as they may conflict**

Take a look at the attached image for a full layout expaination. 

Always looking for suggestions... and I'm not too versed on using the remix decks. Please let me know how things are working.

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DJ SNACKS aka dotsync
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