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Supreme Edition MOD (S8/S5/D2 Screen + Mapping MOD)

Description and Instructions

Here is the MOD on which I've been working for more than a year (uncountable hours to be honest...), which includes a big number of features mentioned below. We should all thank Nick Moon because his work and research have helped me to take this mod to another level, as some of the features that can be found in this MOD wouldn't have been implemented without his collaboration. We are both working hard to make our mods possible, and collaboration can only take our MODs further!

In my opinion, the MOD is very complete, but also clear and clean. I've implemented many features which I consider could be useful, and some others that you have requested. Furthermore, many of the features below are customizable directly from the controller (No need to edit any file, just hold Shift + press Top Right Screen Button to access the Preferences Menu, and customize your prefeences in there). Preferences will be stored in Traktor, so that the next time you initialize Traktor your preferences are loaded.

PATREON: Supreme Edition 2.3 (works with Traktor Pro 3.2 and 3.3 BETA
DONATIONS: paypal.me/aleixjf

(I don't do this for money, it all started as a personal project (and sill is) from which I never expected to get money from. However, in the last months, considering what I was achieving with this MOD and the great value it added to the S8/S5/D2 controllers, I decided to adopt a pay-per-use license (through Patreon) due to the amount of hours already spent and the ones that I'll spend developing the MOD, and the little donations received, I hope that you all understand my decision and support me on Patreon to encourage me to continue developing the MOD)

In any case, in this NI forum link there are some peaks of how the MOD looks like, and a list of the features included in the MOD! Everything in orange are future things to implement or that i'm already working on them.
I hope that those who decide to become my Patreons enjoy it! And please, don't doubt to give your feedback and/or report any bugs you find (here or in Patreon)!
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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