Arcade Mapping (2 decks 2 fx units)

Description and Instructions

I made this mapping because i wanted the most basic dj set up i could have on a one piece unit . in this map you will have control over 2 DECKS W/FULL EQ AND EQ KILLS, 8 HOT CUES PER DECK, 2 FX UNITS, FILTERS , KEY BEND, 

the middle two rows of knobs are your Eq and the buttons below the knobs are the corresponding EQ Kills  . TOP ROW OF NOBS IS UNASSIGNED. the bottom row of knobs (outside rows) is your Key control, buttons that correspond toggle key on and off. the knobs and buttons above the Key control is for looping. buttons toggle it on and off and knobs control the size of the loop. in the top set of knobs the bottom left and right are for filters, buttons correspond to filter on/off . the Shift botton loads your selected track in browser into a stopped deck . the nudge buttons are your sync buttons - is deck A + is deck b. the bank select is for track selecting and tree selecting (you'll see how that works ) left and right is one thing and up and down is another. the rows that are lit up are hot cues 1-8  (top row deck A) (third row Deck B) the individually lit buttons below the hot cue rows are PHASE SYNC for when auto sync just is not quite doing it. 'Play' is for deck A play/pause and 'Rec' is for Deck B play/pause

okay now for faders. the right most four rows are you main faders from left to right FADER 6 TEMPO A , FADER 7 TRACK VOLUME A, FADER 8 TRACK VOLUME B, FADER MASTER TEMPO DECK B.

 my fx unit is set to 3 fx on the left and just one effect on the right . you can turn the fx units on with the left and right most record arm buttons. the left two are for deck a and the right two are for deck B. Fader 1 will turn on all effects and dry wets on Fxunit 1 then fader 4 does the same for the other fx unit. the Solo buttons and Mute Buttons 1-3 are for selecting your effects on FX unit 1 though i would recommend you have all your fx picked out before you start mixing as it tends to make the playback skip when your changing effects. NOVEL COMPLETE 

i will upload the picture diagram as soon as i can make some time to finish it. if you have any questions feel free to contact me through our facebook messaging on our page
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