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LP - Decks & Remix Play Control by Mutique

Description and Instructions

After using the first generation Launchpad for around ten years, my first Traktor Pro MIDI mapping is ready being published.

This complex Midi mapping is a result of several modifications & improvements over the last couple of years. I am mainly using it with my Traktor Pro Scratch Vinyl setup to enable basic functions as Loops or Hot cues. But it is also supports my mixings in combination with my „Midi Controller only Setup“. 

Please provide feedback and rate it.

BTW: Soon i will provide my Launch Control XL Mapping to control Remix Decks in combination with this Launchpad. I need to finalize the manual, first.

What does this Launchpad mapping for Traktor Pro offer?

General settings:

- Page selector: one page controls Deck A/B and the other Remix Decks C/D

- Broadcasting on/off

- Snap on/off

- Quantize on/off

- Shift & Ctrl button for add. functionality

Deck A & B Page

- Cue-Play, Play, Sync, Master Sync, Flux Mode

- Enable Loop & select Loop size

- Move play position (Jump)

- 8 Cue points per Deck incl. set, delete & trigger

- derived Midi-Fighter effect section

- Beat repeat all buttons: turntable effect

- Filter, Reverb, Delay

- Loop Recorder: Rec, Play, Delete, Undo/Redo, Dry/Wet

- Key Lock: on & off and semi tone adjustments (perfect with Traktor 3 Pro harmonic mixing)

- Slice Mode (loop slicer)

- Track end warning blinking 

Remix Decks C & D Page

- Deck size selector for C/D

- 4 Bank selector

- 4 slots w/ four cells each

- Cell Load, Play, Trigger

- Cell Stop, Mute, Delete

- Setting slot volume up & down

- Slot filter on/off and volume up & down

- Slot configuration

Description available in zip-package.


Traktor Pro 2.10 and higher (tested with latest Traktor Pro 3.2)

known limitations:

- hold effect using shift button need to be released properly before using other effects. Otherwise it could cause effect LED states not properly illuminating.

- use shift button to load LEDs after connection with Traktor —> updates LED according to the Traktor states


Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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