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Pioneer XDJ-XZ Mapping for Djay Pro

Description and Instructions


here is the mapping for the new Pioneer XDJ-XZ and Djay Pro! I did it with Djay Pro 2.0.12 on Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6! 

Features included: 2 Decks with Play, Cue, Seek Forward/Backward, Skip Forward/Backward, Jogs: Scratching (may work a bit tricky) and Pitch, Tempo, Tempo Reset, Master Tempo and a Browsing feature.

If you want to load a track, just select it and push "load to Deck 1 or 2".In the settings you have to set the Mixer Mode to External and Deck 1 to Ch 1-2/ Deck 2 to Ch 3-4, so you can simply use the Mixer from the XDJ-XZ.

For me this are enough features and maybe sometimes Djay Pro will support it natively.

Have Fun ;)
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Comments for v1.0.0
Mario 4 months ago
you can use also the old xdj-rx midi files. and you has more features