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Tekken's Kontrol F1 Ultimate Mapping (Stewe edit)

Description and Instructions

Tekken's Kontrol F1 Ultimate Mapping (Stewe edit)

This is the mapping edit of very popular F1 mapping made by Tekken. Please consider this ver. 0.1.0 as beta version and don't play live with it unless you give this version a proper test first.

Following is list of changes made:

  • Reduced the number of available Pages down to four. (FX1-FX2-Freeze Mode-Hotcues/Tone Play)
  • Remapped faders for different effects.
  • Enabled the "User mappable page".
  • Eliminated the usage of SYNC button reset.
  • Added the Freeze Mode for Decks A and B.
  • Added the Tone Play for Decks A and B.
  • No browser and Isolate mode.

Top rotary knobs:

This controls are not mapped currently. I left them available for User Mappings.

Sliders (Faders):

The FX Unit 1 isn't involved in the original version of this mapping and all fader-effects are sharing the same fx slots with the some of pad-effects. I created a new set of fader-effects here and assigned them to FX Unit 1 giving the possibility to combine fader-effects with pad-effects.

Note that 4th fader is not mapped currently.

Function Buttons:

SYNC - Not mapped currently.

QUANT - Not mapped currently.

CAPTURE - Remaining it's original FX state Hold/Toggle function and it is available in all four Mapping Pages.

SHIFT - Toggles your freely mappable User Mode.

REVERSE - Inserts and activates the "Reverse Grain" effect if any of effect pages are selected. Toggles the Freeze mode and Tone Play Mode on Deck A if those pages are selected.

TYPE - Not mapped if any of effect pages are selected. Toggles the Freeze mode and Tone Play Mode on Deck B if those pages are selected.

SIZE - Not mapped if any of effect pages are selected. Act as a "Freeze Slice Count Adjust" modifier and "Hotcue Delete" modifier if Freeze or Tone Play page are selected. Consider it a Shift button function.

BROWSE - Toggles the Flux Mode for activated deck in Freeze Mode Page. Toggles the keylock for activated deck in Tone Play Page.

Push Encoder and Dual segment display.

The main purpose of the rotary encoder is to navigate (scroll) four available Mapping Pages. Your currently selected Mapping Page will be indicated on the Display (1>2-3<4). Push this encoder down to reset all modifiers and disengage all modifier functions without affecting your audio playback (fail/safe function, in case you run into a bug this button will reset entire mapping into it's default state).

The Push Encoder also has two more (secondary) functions based on which Mapping Page is selected:

1. Whilst one of FX Pages is selected. Hold FX Pad and turn the Knob to modulate an effect parameters.

2. Whilst Freeze Mode Page is selected. Hold down SIZE (Shift) and turn the Knob to adjust the "Freeze Slice Count" size.

The main purpose of dual segment display is to indicate your currently selected Mapping Page but it is also designed to indicate a value of the Rotary Encoder's secondary functions.

4x4 Pad grid and MUTE buttons:

MAPPING PAGE 1 and 2: Tekken FX

The Effects and it's parameters should be identical to original settings even though they are built from the scratch. Only some cosmetic changes may apply (i.e. the Echo Freeze LED indicator flash rate is /2).

MAPPING PAGE 3: Freeze Mode:

Allows for 16 slice triggers in Deck A or Deck B. Note that you will be able to use the Freeze Mode on only one deck at a time.

REVERSE = Activate Freeze Mode on Deck A + Deactivate Freeze Mode on Deck B

TYPE = Activate Freeze Mode on Deck B + Deactivate Freeze Mode on Deck A

By activating Freeze the Flux Mode function will be applied automatically. You can choose to hold down SIZE (Shift) and press REVERSE/TYPE to activate the Freeze Mode without applying the Flux Mode.

Press the BROWSE button to toggle the Flux Mode manually.

4x4 Pad grid RGB will indicate 16 green LEDs if a Deck is in active loop. 

MAPPING PAGE 4: Hotcues and Tone Play

The idea behind Page #4 is to trigger a Hotcue to make it "active cue" and than enable the Tone Play Mode which allows you to trigger that active Cue (note) and adjust the pitch like a virtual piano. Look up for DJ Rafik's Maschine tone play tutorial on the Youtube in case you are not familiar with this technique.

Hotcue Type LED States:

No cue = Black (OFF)

Cue = Blue

Fade In = Orange

Fade Out = Orange

Grid = White

Load = Yellow

Loop = Green

REVERSE = Activate Tone Play Mode on Deck A + Deactivate Tone Play Mode on Deck B

TYPE = Activate Tone Play Mode on Deck B + Deactivate Tone Play Mode on Deck A

By pressing Pads the Keylock function will be applied automatically. 

Press the BROWSE button to toggle the Keylock manually.

Hold down SIZE (Shift) and press Hotcue 1-8 to delete a Cue.

Important Note: While navigating out from Freeze Mode or Tone Play mode, those modes will be deactivated automatically.

Here is the PayPal link from original mapping page. Support the authors and donate if you can! 

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
pedro about 1 month ago
Thanks! all these are minor comments: - while it is written somehow, it was not obvious to me that to modulate the padFX its using the 4TH filter knob. The original mapping had this on the endless encoder - on page 2, pad 13, the knob doesn't modulate it; - page 2, pads 15 and 16 are swapped with page 1, pad 1+2 (filter LFO / filter 92 vs beatslicer 1 and beatslicer 2) - page 3 and 4 sometimes doesn't show on led display (but gets activated) - tone play: it works, but some leds do not change color between blue and yellow. Pressing them it chnagec properly, however.
Stewe about 1 month ago

Thank you for the feedback Pedro. Yes the Filter Knob is used to adjust parameters of Pad FX instead of the original Encoder. I find it more usable - forgot to mention it so thanks again for the heads up!. I will have to look into remaining issues and get back to you asap. Best,

Stewe about 1 month ago

1) On Page 2 knob is assigned to a wrong CC number, that is why the knob doesn't modulate it. 2) It seems that Filters VS Beatslicers are not the issue at my end. 3) This is hardware specific issue on Windows machines, you have to keep the editor opened to as it seems to help with data stream. 4) Same as 3. I can easily fix 1 but first, I'd like to add 4th Fx Fader before uploading the new version. Best,